Welcome to A Measure of Light, which began with a book I wrote about my experience of contracting and surviving the life-threating infection of sepsis. Since then, I have become committed to raising awareness about advocacy, healing and reclaiming one’s life, while being devoted towards living more spiritually and meaningfully. 

The book itself, A Measure of Light,  is intended to educate about the potentially fatal risks of sepsis, while championing the importance of taking charge of one’s recovery and following the path of healing that is right for you. It is meant to provide support for others who have had similar experiences, and to inspire people to live life to their fullest potential. Now, I’ve started a blog about my everyday encounters and what I can learn from them.

We live in difficult times, where sometimes it seems that all around us is full of dark challenges and it can sometimes be hard to see the way out. For me, I try to see a measure of light in all I encounter, to celebrate beauty and joy where possible and at very least, as opportunities for learning and reconnecting with my spirit in line with the universe around me. As we are all transitioning through together, I also invite others to share your own measures of light, joy and understanding gained from your own daily experiences.