Flight of faith

Recently, I’ve been planning a trip to Scandinavia – somewhere I’d always wanted to go. But I was having working out the details, and I found myself wracked with doubt, confusion and uncertainty about whether I should be going at all. The stress and anxiety got so bad that I was on the verge of cancelling the trip altogether – and forfeit all the hundreds of pounds I’d already invested in various bookings.

Finally, one night, when the anxiety was crippling me, I went to one of my special places in nature. I knew the roar of the rushing river would help calm and steady my nerves. Plus, I went to ask for a sign. This river is potential place to see kingfishers, though they’re definitely not easy to spot. I asked the universe to send me one as a symbol that I should be doing this trip at all.

 I spent nearly an hour amidst barking dogs and loud children, scanning the river and seeing nothing.  I prayed very hard to show me this sign, and was on the point of giving up and leaving, when I suddenly heard the elusive bird’s distinctive whistle. I stood on a raised mound and seconds later, a shot of brilliant, iridescent blue flew past right in front of me, followed immediately by the roar of a plane overhead. I felt an immediate release of pain and a healing flooding in. All the mania and uncertainty fled from me as swiftly as the bird and gave me the first bit of peace I had felt in a long time.

Faith is such a fundamental aspect of our being, and yet, how many people engage with it? Whatever it is that you believe in, having the strength of that connection is invaluable. Sometimes, when things get bad, faith is literally the only thing I have left to keep me going. It helps me to access that sometimes small inner voice and give me guidance on what to do when I’m plagued with indecision.

Even so, messages can get blocked or obscured by the wheels of doubt and confusion spinning round, and sometimes you have to outrightly ask the universe for a sign of what to do and then make the space to receive the answer. It’s a way of asking for help, by reaching out to something bigger and more powerful than yourself.

Faith is also what creates the bridge between your ideas and desires and the ability to enact them. It can boost your fears with a belief that you can succeed and give you the confidence to propel you forward. Faith is what anchors you to the bedrock of the earth, while letting you reach for the stars.

Joy from above

Following up on he heart and soul divide, I had another incident recently where I was torn between them. One plan was helping my friend with his monthly musical group in another town, serving tea and chatting with the participants, the other option staying put to attend the local carnival and once-a-year opportunity to climb to the top of the church bell tower, an experience I had done once before and absolutely loved. I was really torn until the last minute, fully expecting to abandon my plans and go with Trev and then surprising myself by watching him drive off. Though I felt quite guilty, ultimately, it proved to be the right decision.

I had so much fun climbing the never-ending winding staircase to see the amazing views over the town and watching the cutest – and shortest – carnival procession ever. By the time Trev came home – having managed fine without me – I was bursting with energy to tell him about all the quirky encounters I’d had that day. My joy was infectious and lifted him up too from his exhausting afternoon.

It’s always worthwhile to want to help, and there are times when choosing to be on hand over fulfilling your own wishes is the right way to go, even if it results in crushing disappointment. But sometimes the greatest gift you can give to someone is your joy. When you have followed your heart and have honoured your deepest desires, it generates a buoyancy and joy which you can pass on to other people to give them a boost and raise their energy too. And a gift of happiness coming from the depth of your inner being is so much richer than one delivered from guilt, as it has the potential to be given again and again, knowing no bounds.