Free flowing

Following up from my previous post, one of the biggest things I’ve learned from my recent trip is how to regularly adapt to new and unfamiliar situations and in particular, what to do when things go wrong or turn out worse than expected. If walking away from a bad scenario isn’t an option, I talked about transforming its energy, but how?

Usually, in a tough situation, the best initial strategy is to minimize your reaction. I learned to stand tall like a tree and observe. If negative energy has nowhere to go, it will usually blow itself out. Staying quiet and still protects your own energy and allows you the space to decide how to interact. That said, it’s best to keep interaction with negativity to a minimum. Of course, it’s important, especially in accommodation situations, to communicate any pressing issues or concerns, but to stick to the facts and keep emotion out of it, focusing instead on the desired outcome.

Other ways to transform bad energy are to engage in higher vibrational spaces, the best and purest of which is nature. Creative ventures like writing, drawing, playing or even listening to music can also raise your energy and give you space. So can helping others or having positive interactions, even smiling – all of these can all raise and strengthen your energy so you can create a buffer between you and the negative environment and be less adversely affected by it.

Overall, the best thing you can do is to let go. Nothing is worth the bad energy it creates and in some ways, your attachment to your expectations is what prolongs the pain. If you let go, you make space for other things to happen instead. This is how I managed to stay resilient and keep going over my two-month journey. I just dealt with each day’s issues one day at a time and left tomorrow’s challenges to deal with then and yesterday’s kerfuffles firmly in the past. Letting go of unpleasant situations brought me the peace I needed to move on and boosted me to more freely embrace my next adventures.