Magic making

In the days leading up to Halloween, our interest in all things supernatural intensifies. It feels like presence of the unknown is all around us and magic feels more potent than ever.

Magic can seem to appear out of nowhere, creating a positive outcome we weren’t expecting. But what is less understood is that we have the ability to make magic happen if we are open to the possibility. If we truly want something and do the ground work to achieve it and put the energy out there, we can draw towards us what we need in the shape of the right people or opportunities. Serendipity is a form of magic.

For example, the other day, I was cycling on a side street downtown when I suddenly saw a large dog dashing up the sidewalk on his own. I thought the owner must be near, but he just kept running and ran straight across a busy main street. Fortunately, the cars saw him and stopped in time to let him get across.

 I was still racing after him on my bike when I saw two cyclists and another passer-by intercept the dog, one man stroking and calming him down. Then a dog walker came along and offered a spare leash. While we were figuring out what to do next, a woman came running towards us, who turned out to be the dog owner. She recounted seeing him jump the fence and run up the road but wasn’t quick enough to catch him.

This story could have ended very differently, but for the serendipity of several people being there and working together, ensuring the dog was safe. There are many stories like this with people appearing at the right time and the right place to effect a positive conclusion, which is magic.  

Magic is also present when an individual or community make something happen through the sheer effort, will and determination to break through an existing norm. And the beauty of magic is that it can grow from small scale efforts to movements that touch and inspire people throughout the world.

Magic is what allows us to hope and gives us something to believe in that a situation can change and conditions can improve.  It’s magic that keeps our spirit alive, making the impossible possible. We all need magic in our lives, but we must take an active role in believing and being a part of bringing it about.

Happy Halloween –  embrace and enjoy the true spirt of magic. 🎃

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