Taking a stand

This week’s story isn’t so much about stepping up for a cause but about a stand – for a digital keyboard. Of course, there are always ways to extend the story into something wider, or I’d have to change the theme of my blog, wouldn’t I? 🙂

Every day for the past two months, I’ve been playing my beloved rental digital piano. I was enjoying it, but frustrated by how the keyboard kept wobbling on the cross stand when I played. I tried various measures to stop the shaking and nothing worked, so I just put up with it. Eventually, my annoyance overcame my inertia and I went back to the shop and asked what I could do about it. The staff suggested I swap it for a sturdier stand – at no extra charge. I contemplated this some more – as the stands were bulky to transport, even more so in the snow. But finally, this week, I lugged in the old stand via public transit and swapped it for the new. Problem solved – no more shaking – and I could finally be free to enjoy playing and letting my thoughts drift onto other things.

Sometimes the biggest issue in our problems is cogitating over them and dwelling in indecision and uncertainty, while what we just need most is more information. Or, when we get the information we need, not following up on it. In this way, just pursuing answers to a problem gets you halfway towards solving it, if not arriving at a complete solution itself.

The importance of solving small problems can’t be underestimated because you’re exercising a muscle that will help you to tackle the larger ones. Taking action over lesser issues shows that you have the skills, will and determination to address and resolve whatever is bothering you, which can give you the confidence and encouragement to address the bigger concerns in your life. You’re also clearing space in your brain from annoying problems to broach the larger and more penetrating questions and issues we all face in our lives. Which, by the way, I do much better, playing music. 🙂

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