The heart of the matter

We were due for even more snow last week, on top of the piles had already been dumped and were still messily sprawled all over the city. I decided on the day before its arrival that I should get my errands and grocery shopping done. After a morning of virtual meetings, I set out later than planned, hoiking my bike into the slushy alleyway. It was a beautiful sunny day, and all of a sudden, I had a terrible urge to go to the Humber River, a journey which entailed a lengthy transit ride and was in the opposite direction to the errands.

I was literally stuck standing still in the alley having a raging head/heart debate about how impractical and unfeasible this would be in my timeframe versus how wonderful it would be by the river. I opted to prevaricate by going in the direction of the sensible errands and decide when I got to the main street. I put it to the universe – if a streetcar in the direction of the river appeared when I got to the street, I would hop on. Well, there it was…

So, yes, I went to the Humber – my head grumbling the whole way – but the river was magnificent – the water gushing and breaking through the ice. I saw many beautiful creatures and my heart felt full. It didn’t matter that I later on I ended up scrambling around to get everything done – only grabbing one wrong item in my ‘supermarket sweep.’

But for me, the biggest wrong is not living in your heart. It’s something we all struggle to do, especially in our head-centred world. Of course, your head can help you to make decisions, but it can also make you feel like you’re drifting away from what is really important to you. it’s your heart pounding against your body that always knows, that connects you to your passion and the pulse of what it truly means to be alive. It transcends the everyday tik-tock existence and connects you to eternity. And for me, that can never be the wrong place to be.

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